Individualise the system notifications for accepted and declined registrations

After you have set up your registration form, you can create individual texts for the registration and deregistration.

These system notifications will be displayed to your contacts as soon as they confirm or decline their participation in the event using the "Submit" or "Decline" button:

  • "System notification: Registration Accepted": This message is displayed to the guest as soon as they have successfully completed their registration.
  • "System notification: Registration Declined": This message is displayed when the contact has clicked on "Decline".

Please note:

You can also format your system notifications, set links and provide documents (behind links).



For security reasons, some content can not be displayed in edit mode in the site builder. For example, externally embedded images are displayed as broken images and externally embedded fonts might not be displayed correctly. However, all content can be accessed and used via the preview button and the published website.

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