Export contacts incl. check-ins & check-outs


Would you like to export your contacts and see who checked in or out at your event and when? 


To export the contacts, click on the download button to the right of the language button "mceclip0.png". The export is an excel file (.xlsx) with all information per contact.

Filters that have been set within the tool in the "Contacts" tab will not be taken into account for the export.

Please note:

The export consists of 2 spreadsheets (tabs). In order to view the check-ins/check-outs select the 2nd tab "Log".

The first tab (in the following example "Contacts in evenito. Conference Event") contains the contact information, additional questions and groups as well as the participation status and individual token.

In the second tab "Log", check-ins and check-outs for virtual or physical events are listed for each participant. As soon as a participant logs in to the virtual platform with his token, e.g. by clicking on his personalised access link, this is counted as a "check-in". For physical events, the data is collected with the help of the Check-in app. In the "Action" column, the status is indicated in each case (check-in or check-out), while the individual times of each action are logged in the "Time" column. The respective check-ins and check-outs are bundled and listed chronologically for each person. 

Please note:

Depending on the Excel settings you have stored, the file initially only shows the date of the respective check-in or check-out in the "Time" column. Change the setting to "Date and time" to also see the time.


A separation according to physical or virtual events does not yet take place.

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