How do I activate and use the Lobby Q&A or Session Q&A Chat?

You would like to interact with your participants during your virtual event and control the posts? In this article we show you how to activate the Q&A chat features for evenito connect, how to use them and how to publish or withdraw chat histories as a moderator.

How do I activate the Q&A chat function for evenito connect?


To activate this function, first select the menu item "Virtual platform".

On the right hand side, all communication features are listed in the "Features" section, including the two Q&A chat features. Activate the respective switch so that the corresponding chats are made available on the virtual platform.

Please note:

Lobby and session Q&A chats can be activated independently of each other. However, separate activation per session, i.e. per individual schedule item, is not possible.

How do I use the Q&A chats?


To access the Q&A chats, click on this iconBildschirm_foto_2023-02-23_um_09.19.55.pngon the right hand side. Clicking on this icon opens the Q&A chat window. Depending on where you are at the time, i.e. in the lobby or in a schedule item, the corresponding Q&A chat will open. If you have only activated the Q&A chat function, the Q&A chat window is opened automatically.

The lobby Q&A chat is displayed as soon as you enter the lobby. For each schedule item, the system will automatically create a new session Q&A chat if you have activated the function. This session Q&A chat is displayed as soon as you click on the Q&A chat within a schedule item.

You can also return to the overview by clicking on the arrow symbolmceclip0.png. This lists both the lobby Q&A chat (marked with the following icon: evenito_connect_platform.png) and the individual session Q&A chats (icon: evenito_connect_platform.jpg). Click on the desired Q&A chat to ask a question or answer it as a moderator.

You can open the Q&A chats in full screen mode via this symbolBildschirm_foto_2023-02-27_um_14.43.35.png and close them again via this symbolBildschirm_foto_2023-03-01_um_10.32.14.png. If you want to hide the communication bar completely, click on this symbol Bildschirm_foto_2023-03-01_um_10.29.59.pngat the top right of the screen.

To communicate in a Q&A chat, do the following:

As a moderator

For example, to write a welcome message to all participants at the beginning of the event, click in the text field at the bottom right of the page, enter your text and confirm your entry with the arrow symbol. At this stage, this message can only be viewed by you and any other co-moderators. You can find out how to add a moderator in this article.
Do you want to make the message visible to all participants? Then publish it and proceed as described in this section.


If you would like to reply to a participant's question, simply click on the text field "Add answer" below the question, enter your message and send it by using the arrow symbol. Your response will then be highlighted directly below the participant's question. The conversation between this participant and you can now be continued and is only visible to both of you for the time being.

You think that this input or question is also interesting for other participants? Then proceed as described in this section and publish the question for all other participants.


As a participant

To write a message to the moderator team or the speakers, participants click in the text field at the bottom of the page. The text is then entered there and the entry confirmed with the arrow symbol.

As soon as a moderator replies to a participant's post, this is highlighted in colour below the post. The participants, for their part, now have the opportunity to continue the conversation.

The conversation takes place only between the participant and the moderator. However, it is possible that the moderator also thinks that the post is interesting for the other participants and therefore publishes the message. This can be recognised by the fact that the message is marked with the tag "Published" in the top left hand corner.

As a moderator, how can I publish or unpublish Q&A chat posts?


There are two procedures for doing this:

Firstly, as soon as you have activated the lobby and/or session Q&A chat, you can deactivate the switch behind "Publishing" in the menu item "Virtual platform" on the right hand side under "Features". This will automatically publish all posts without you as moderator having to actively publish them again for all Q&A chat participants.

On the other hand, you can activate the switch behind "Publishing". If you want to make a post visible to all participants, click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the desired post and select the "Publish question" option that opens.


The post is now marked "Published" and can be viewed by all participants and organisers.


You also have the option of unpublishing a post that has already been published. To do this, click on the 3 dots again in the desired post and select the option "Unpublish question".


Upvoting posts


In the menu item "Virtual platform" on the right side under "Features", as soon as you have activated the lobby and/or session Q&A chat, you have the option of activating the "Upvoting" button. This gives your participants the option to vote for published posts and thus help them to get a higher vote. To do this, the participant clicks on this icon: Bildschirm_foto_2023-02-23_um_10.22.21.png
The number shows you how many participants are interested in this post in addition to the contributor.


Please note:

Only 1 vote can be given per entry and participant.

Create tags and store them in posts

In order to be able to better sort and filter posts as a moderator, evenito connect offers you the possibility to create so called "Tags" and mark your participants' posts with them.

The advantage of this is that you can assign certain posts to a category of your choice and then call up these posts at different times in the event under the tags, or forward them to your speakers, for example.


To create a new tag, click on this symbol Bildschirm_foto_2023-02-23_um_11.45.18.pngin a Q&A chat post. On the left hand side, an input text field opens in which you can name your tag individually. Confirm your entry with Enter and the tag will be displayed with a coloured background under the corresponding Q&A post. 

If you have created several tags, they will be displayed in the dropdown and you only have to confirm the assignment by clicking on the corresponding tag.

A post can also be assigned to several tags.


Using the filter function

In order to interact even better with your participants and to ensure that questions of particular interest are answered, evenito connect offers your participants and all moderators/speakers suitable filter options to keep a better overview.

As a moderator

You would like to see which of the questions asked have not yet been answered or published, for example, or you would like to search for the latest posts or for those that have been voted for most often?

Then click on the dropdown "Show filters" below the tab with the following iconBildschirm_foto_2023-02-23_um_09.19.55.png.


Afterwards you have the following options:


  • The following options are available in the drop-down menu behind "Answer":
    • Show all
    • Answered
    • Unanswered
  • In the dropdown behind "Publication" you can set the following selection:
    • Show all
    • Published (the posts that have been voted for are marked with this icon: Bildschirm_foto_2023-03-02_um_12.33.02.png)
    • Unpublished
  • In the "Tags" dropdown, you can choose between your previously created tags and display only the posts that you have tagged with this tag.
  • The "Sort" dropdown offers you two further options:
    • Upvoted first (the posts that have been voted for are marked with this icon:
      Bildschirm_foto_2023-02-23_um_10.22.21.png The number suggests how many participants have rated this post and thus illustrate how important it is to them, for example, to answer this question.
    • Newest first

Depending on which filters you set, the display of the posts in your view will change. For example, if you set the filters "Published" and "Upvoted first", you will receive an overview of which of these posts are particularly important for your participants and can pass on these questions to your speakers in a targeted manner.

As a participant

Your participants also have the option of setting filters, for example to view only their own comments or alternatively to display those posts that have already been answered by the moderators.

To do this, participants also click on the dropdown "Show filter" below the tab with the following symbol.


Afterwards, the following selection can be made in the dropdown behind "Answer":


  • Answered: Only posts that have already been answered by moderators are displayed.
  • Unanswered: Only posts that have not yet been answered are displayed.
  • My own: Only the corresponding participant's own posts are displayed.
  • Show all: All posts are displayed.

As an organiser, how can I delete Q&A chat posts?

You have been appointed as the person in charge of the chat and would like to delete inappropriate comments and posts for everyone?

Hover your mouse over the post you want to remove. Then click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select "Delete" from the dropdown. The post will be deleted immediately.



There is currently no confirmation whether you really want to delete the message. Once deleted, the post cannot be restored.




You want to export your Q&A chat results after your virtual event? Click on the 3 dots next to the preview button in the menu item "Virtual platform" in your evenito back office and then click on "Download Q&A". Your Q&A chats will be made available to you in an Excel file.


Deleted Q&A chats will no longer appear in the export. Please make sure that you do not delete any Q&A chats that you may need later on to evaluate the results.

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