Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams


To keep your organization as clear as possible for your evenito users, you can now assign these users to teams and also define which events the respective teams are allowed to view and edit.

Create team(s) and add users

To create a team, first select the "Teams" tab in the "Users, Teams & Roles" dropdown in your organisation and then click on the plus icon on the right side.


Define in this mask the team designation ("Name") and then select a color from the dropdown for a better overview by clicking on the clicking on the color icon.

Optionally, you can also add a description for this team.

Confirm your entries with "Add".

Your created team is now listed in the overview and can be supplemented by more teams. To do this, proceed as described above.


Assign events to your teams

You determine which teams can view and edit which events as follows:

First, select in the Dashboard an already created event by clicking on it. Then change in the menu item Event-Center to the Basic setup tab.


In this mask you can now determine in the dropdown "Teams"  which of the teams you have previously defined are allowed to view and edit this event. You decide whether this may be only 1 team or whether several teams on this get access to it.

Click "Save Changes" to apply your customizations.

Proceed in this manner for all of your set up events.

If a user, who was previously assigned to the team "Event-Team Corporate Events", logs into evenito, for example, only those events are displayed which were authorized with the team assignment "Event-Team Corporate Events". 

Please note: this assignment is only applied to the "Event Manager" role. Users with the "Administrator" role will still see all events in your organization.

The assigned teams, however, are listed in the event overview below the individual, set-up events:


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