How do I activate and use the live polls?


You want to actively involve your participants during the event? Then activate the live polls, pre-define your questions and answers and switch them live at the desired time. Now your participants can vote.

How do I enable the live survey feature for evenito connect?


First, select the "Virtual Platform" menu item.

On the right side, in the "Functions" section, you will be given several options to choose from. Activate the switch behind the lobby or session polls, so that these are made available to you on the virtual platform.

Please note: The lobby and session polls can be activated independently of each other. A separate activation per program item however, is not possible.

How do I use the polls?


Create a poll

To create a poll, first click on the speech bubble at the lower right side of the screen. Should the sidebar with the polls and chats already be shown, this step is omitted.

Then select the tab "Poll" and click on "Create poll". In the new mask, first enter the title of your question and define the answers in the define the answers in the second step. Finally click on "Save" to apply the settings. settings.

You can create as many polls as you like this way.

You would like to set up a sentiment poll and display it, for example, with the help of stars or other emojis? This can be done, for example, with the help of the browser Chrome browser as follows: Click with the right mouse pointer on the answer field in a survey, so that the following dropdown opens and select now "Emojis & Symbols" (Apple) or "Emojis" (Windows). Search for your desired Emoji (for example, a star) and paste it as a response. 


Change poll order

Via this iconevenito_connect_platform.pngon the very right side of the survey you have the possibility to change the order of the polls. Click on the icon and drag and drop the poll to the desired position.

Please note: published questions cannot be rearranged. For that, first pull back the question and then rearrange it.

How do I publish a poll?

To publish a poll and make it available for your participants to vote, click on "Publish" below the respective poll. The respective poll(s) will now be tagged with a "Published" tag in the top left corner. 

Once the polls have been published, they will be visible to your participants. They now have the option to select one answer per published poll, by clicking on it and confirming their selection with "Vote". After the Voting, an evaluation in percent will be displayed. The selected answer of the participant will be displayed with this icon evenito_connect_platform.pngidentified.


Please note: Once a participant has selected an answer and has actively confirmed with "Vote", it can no longer be changed.

On your end you will also see the evaluation in percent. In addition the top left of the "Published" tag, you can see how many of your participants have voted. 


If you want to close the poll, please click on the three dots to the right of the arrange sign on the three dots evenito_connect_platform.png and then click "Close Survey" in the dropdown that opens. The poll remains visible for your participants, but voting is no longer possible. Instead, all participants will see the final results of this poll. 

Please note: polls that have already ended can be restarted at any time by clicking by clicking on the three dots as before, and in the drop-down menu now click on "Open survey". All participants who have not yet selected an answer selected, can now cast their vote. 

If you would like to withdraw the poll, please click again to the right of the arrange sign on the three dots evenito_connect_platform.png and in the dropdown click on "Withdraw survey". The poll is now only visible to the the moderation team visible. 

Please note: once you have withdrawn the poll, the results will no longer be displayed. To screenshot them later, for example, please click on the please click on "publish" again.

How can I reset or delete polls?

You have set up polls in your event on a test basis and now you want to reset them again or delete them completely? Please proceed as described below proceed:

Should you have already published the poll and participants voted, please withdraw them first. To do this, click on the three dots on the right and select "Withdraw poll".

Next, please click on the three dots again and select "Reset", to reset all answers at once. 

If you want to delete the question finally, click one last time on the three dots and then click on "Delete".

Please note: Once deleted, the survey cannot be restored.  


Currently in evenito we do not yet have the ability to export the results.

You always have the possibility to view them again at a later time in evenito connect. Alternatively, we recommend that you also make screenshots.

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