How do I deposit trackers, define the displayed content of my shared event website or prevent Google initialisation?

You have already set up your website visually and in terms of content, but now you want to define which image and text should be displayed when you share the URL of your website (e.g. on LinkedIn). Furthermore, you would like to evaluate the movements on your event website and use trackers (e.g. Google Analytics) for this purpose, or you would like to ensure that your website cannot be found in Google? Then proceed as described in this article.

(De)activate Google Initialisation


Your event is not intended for the general public and should not be findable in Google? In addition to optionally storing tracking codes or specifying a thumbnail and ad text, you can also set this in the "SEO and Tracker" tab.

To ensure that your website is not discoverable on Google, activate the switch.

Please note:

This setting must be stored before you publish the website for the first time. Otherwise, your domain will still be found on Google for some time until the cache is cleared.

Define thumbnail and ad text

In order to store the corresponding content, first click on the gearwheel in the top right-hand corner of the website editor to access the website settings. In the next step, select the tab "SEO and Tracker".
On the left-hand side, in the "SEO" area, you now have the option of entering the following content:
  • Image: thumbnail to be displayed in your shared post
  • Name: for example, the name of the event
  • Description
Then click on "Save & Close" to apply the settings.
If you now share your URL to the event website on LinkedIn, for example, the content you defined will be displayed.



This function can only be used by users with the role "Administrator"!

You would like to track the movements on your event website? On the right hand side in the "SEO and Trackers" tab, you have three options in the "Trackers Code" section to host the tracker codes:


  • Header code
  • Body code
  • Footer code

Proceed as described below:

  1. Open your preferred tracking tool (e.g. Google Analytics).
  2. Find the tracking code to be inserted into the website and copy it.
  3. Go to the website settings in evenito, open the tab "SEO and Trackers" and paste the copied code in the desired place (Header code, Body code or Footer code).
  4. Click on "Save & close" and then publish the website again.
  5. Call up the event website and check in your tracking tool whether the tracker is working.

In addition to storing trackers, it is also possible to store other free codes. Another example of use would be the integration of your own cookie manager.

Please note:

Because of its flexibility and wide range of uses, we recommend that you use this feature wisely and only use codes from verified sources.

If the website is not displayed correctly after publication, all content in the tracking code must first be deleted. Subsequently, a further analysis can take place.

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