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You want to offer your participants the possibility to bring one or more companions to your event? With evenito you can individually define how many companions are allowed per person and which (contact) information is requested.

Define the number of companions


To define how many companions your participants are allowed to bring with them, first select the menu item "Event Center" and then click on the "Limits" tab.

In this section you have the possibility to define how many contacts can register for your event and how many companions they can bring along.

To limit the number of companions, please set the desired number in the "Companion Limit per person" section. In doing so, you are basically free to determine the number. 

Please note:

The number of companions is included in the total amount of the maximum number of participants. For example, if you have limited the maximum number of participants to 3 people and the invited main guest is allowed to bring 2 companions, the participant limit for this event has been reached.

After you have saved your changes, you can jump directly to the menu item "Registration" via this icon, which is displayed behind the defined number under "Limit for companions per person".

Set up the registration form for the companion(s)

In order to be able to define the individual registration form for the companion of your main participants, you must first select the switch behind the function "Enable companion form".


The "Personal information for companion" editing area will then be activated. To set up the registration form for requesting contact information and possible additional questions for the companions, proceed as before for your main participant. You can find more information in this article.

The configuration of the registration form for the companions can be done independently from the information of the main guest. This means, for example, that you do not have to enter all the contact information that you previously requested from your main participant. There is even an option to define new contact fields - but you have to create them first as described in this article.

Please note:

While you can reuse additional questions that you have already stored for your main guest, this is currently not possible vice versa.

To reuse a question, first click on "Add entry" and "Reuse question". Then select the question that has already been set up.

Display and application on the event website


After you have deposited the registration form on your event website as described in this article and published it, you will first be shown the mask of the main guest after opening it. As soon as the main guest has filled in the required information, he can click on "Add company" at the bottom right next to the "Submit" button. This function is available until the participant has exhausted the limit previously defined per person.

Please note:

The limit defined by you does not have to be exhausted by the main guest. He is free to bring fewer people to the event.


If the main guest confirms the completed forms with the "Submit" button, he registers himself and the deposited companions for your event.

Please note:

You define whether the registration confirmation should only be sent to the main participants or whether an individual confirmation should be sent to the escorts. Proceed as described in this article.

Contact list in evenito

As soon as the main participant has completed the registration process, his status changes from "Pending" to "Registered" and the companions are added as new contacts in the navigation item "Contacts". This creates a new dependency in the tool, where both the participant mask of the companions and the overview of all contacts will show who the inviting participant is.

Please note:

Currently, companions are not displayed in the participant mask of the main guest.


Edit or delete companion

The main guest has the possibility to edit or delete an already existing companion by returning to the registration screen on the website.

To remove a companion he clicks on the "Delete" button below the desired companion.

Once the main guest has saved this adjustment, the companion will either be adjusted accordingly in the tool or deleted completely from the contact list.

If you have set a total limit of participants for your event, this place will be released again analogously.

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