Define limits for your event

In the Limits tab, you have the option of defining how many contacts can register for your event in total, as well as how many tickets they can purchase per person or how many companions they can bring along.

First select the "Event Center" and then click on the "Limits" tab.

Depending on which functions you have activated in the Event Center tab, the following options will be displayed:


  • Maximum number of participants
  • Ticket limit per person. Please note: this option is only displayed if the "Ticketing" function has been activated in the Event Center. Please contact the Support team (
  • Limit for companions per person

Now enter the desired number per option. 

Please note:

The number of companions is included in the total number of the maximum number of participants. For example, if the maximum number of participants is 3 people and the invited main guest may bring 2 companions, the participant limit for this event is reached.

With this icon, which is displayed behind the respective options, you can either jump to the tab "Basic settings" or you will be taken directly to the menu item "Tickets" or "Registration". 

Don't forget to save your settings by clicking the "Save changes" button. 

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