Recommendations for image sizes for the design of the event website

Information_box_for_English_articles.jpgBelow we would like to give you some guidelines regarding the sizes of the header and individual widgets on the website.

Website header

  • Minimum width: 1.920 px (Please note: varies depending on the device)
  • Height: varies depending on the title and description text, which can be stored in the basic settings (in the Event Center) or as free text (in the header widget).
  • Recommendation: please do not integrate logos or lettering into the graphic, as these may not be displayed on a different screen.
  • Mobile the header will be displayed square (centered).
  • Optionally you can use layout 4. This keeps the predefined dimensions of the header in the desktop view.

About widget

  • The size of the images varies depending on the selected layout:
  • Layout 1: Here the images are displayed/cropped in 16:9 ratio on desktop view, while they are displayed in square format on mobile view.
  • Layout 2: Here the images should be as square as possible. However, it is also possible to import images in portrait format. These will then not be cropped in height, but this will also stretch the text area on the left (or right - depending on the orientation).

Speaker widget

  • The speakers' profiles are displayed on the website in a square format.
  • Please note: the size of the images depends on the number of speakers on the website.
  • A maximum of 5 speakers can be displayed in one row (layout 1).
  • The tool zooms to the center for images in 2:3 format (etc.) - so it is best to upload the images already in square format.

Highlight widget

  • The size of the images depends on the number of images as well as the end device.
  • Desktop:
    • 1 image: full width image (similar to header image).
    • 2 images: Ratio is approximately 4:3.
    • 3 images: View changes to 1:1.
    • 4 images (displayed side by side): Ratio is 2:3.
  • Mobile view (tablet):
    • 1 image: analog
    • 2 images: 1:1
    • 3 images: 2:3
    • 4 images approx. 9:16.
  • Please note: Again, wide images are each zoomed to the center of the image.
    • Mobile view (cell phone): square display of the images

General info about file sizes

  • File size: max. 5 mb
  • Recommended size for header: max. 200 kb
  • Recommended size for other images (e.g. in highlight widget): max. 100 kb
  • Videos: The maximum size is 5 mb - this applies equally to videos, graphics and other documents.
    We recommend that you provide the video file via Youtube or Vimeo and embed it, for example, via the video widget on the website or using the one-to-many stream on Connect. 
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