Set up group specific registration forms

You want to set different questions in the registration form for your VIPs than for your normal participants? Furthermore, you want to make sure that these questions can only be viewed by your VIPs and cannot be unlocked for the other participants? Then set up different registration forms for the groups you have defined.


Define the groups for your entire form

First, use the dropdown under "Groups" to define the group(s) for which this form is to be set up. In the further course, you can then individually define for which group(s) the respective questions are to be displayed in the form.

Please note: If you do not define any groups via the dropdown or do not assign specific groups to the set up questions, then the form will be set up the same for all groups.

In addition, the dropdown also acts as a filtering option. That is, to see which group has been assigned to which questions, click on them one after the other. Of course, you can also select several groups at the same time to view them.

Assign individual groups to individual questions

In this article we will show you how to add basic event-specific additional questions and sub-questions. 

First, click on "Add entry" as described in the chapter How to create an additional question and select "Additional question" in the drop-down menu. 

Within the newly created questions you will find the button "Display conditions" on the right side. After you have clicked on this button, another window will open:


Now select the desired question(s) in the dropdown under "Groups" by clicking the checkboxes and confirm your selection with "Save changes".

This question will now be displayed in the registration form only to the assigned groups.

This way you can individualize your "basic" registration form, which is generally set up for all groups.

Please note:

The groups can only be assigned to the main questions. For sub-questions, the groups of the main question are adopted. This means that sub-questions cannot be individually assigned to groups and thus be shown or hidden.

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