How do I allow only one access per token?


You want to make sure that the individual access link per participant is only used once at the same time?

Then activate the function "Allow only one access per token" in the menu item "Virtual platform":



We also recommend that you actively point out in the e-mail in which you send the access data that this link can only be used once.

If a participant has forwarded his link to another person despite your advice and this person now tries to use the same token, the first person will be logged out. Instead, this participant now sees the error message "Your token is already in use:

If the participant who was just logged out of the event clicks on his link again, he will be added to the event again and the person with whom he shared the token will be logged out instead.

Please note: With this protection we ensure that the individual participant token and thus also the access code to the virtual platform can only be used once at the same time. However, we cannot prevent your participants from sharing it with other interested parties.

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