How do I ensure that my participants can only enter the platform at the beginning of the event?


It is up to you to decide whether your participants should have access to the virtual platform and the content stored there, such as the schedule items, speakers and booths, before the event or whether they should be granted access shortly before the start of the event, for example.


By activating or deactivating the "Event is online" button in the "Functions" area, you determine whether participants are taken directly to the virtual platform as soon as they click on the access link in their email or whether they first see the following intermediate page:


The logo and the title below it (here "evenito digital summit") are taken from the "Images" and "Setup" (name of the event) sections.

The text module "This event has not yet started" cannot currently be adjusted manually by you.

You decide when the intermediate page is shown or hidden:

As soon as you have activated the "Event is online" button and clicked on the "Save changes" button, the page is automatically hidden and the participants are taken directly to the virtual platform. 

The other way round: as soon as you deactivate the toggle, the page is automatically shown and also displayed to those participants who have already been on the virtual platform.

Please note: You can use the "Preview" function to access the virtual platform directly at any time, even if the "Event is online" switch is deactivated and the intermediate page is therefore live.

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