How do I add a background image in a message?

The e-mail editor offers you the possibility to integrate a background image in a message.

Please note:

However, please note that not all e-mail clients are able to display background images. For this reason, we recommend that you set an additional "background color" (not to be confused with the "background color of the content"), which will be displayed instead.

To add a background image, click on the 3rd tab "Settings" on the right side of the e-mail editor and then activate the toggle behind "Background image". Afterwards you can access your file manager via "Change image" and select the desired image.

Below the URL (this shows the path to the stored file in the file manager) you have the possibility to choose between the following display variants:

  • "Fit to background" (the file completely adapts to the length of the email)
  • "Repeat" (the graphic is quoted several times one below the other) and
  • "Center" (the file is displayed once in the original size in the message).

How do I add a background image in a message?1


It may be that the e-mail editor has difficulties to display the image afterwards in an e-mail already set up with several rows over the entire "content length". In this case, we recommend that you create a new message in which you define the background image and the "content area background color" and the "background color" of the message at the beginning and only in the second step add the desired rows for structuring and enter the content.


In addition, the risk of your messages ending up in the SPAM folder increases, since some e-mail clients are image sensitive. That is, if the image content outweighs the text content, this increases the likelihood that an e-mail client will move the message to the SPAM folder.