What is support?

In this article we explain what our support includes and what the difference between user and technical support is. At the end of the article, we will show you how you can contact us.

evenito is always there for you: We support you with any questions about the tool. We do not position ourselves as a full service event agency, but as a SaaS company (SaaS: Software as a Service). This means that our product, and therefore our service, relates to our browser based software for organising and running events.

Our goal is to enable you as a user to apply our software independently. Of course, we will support you selectively during onboarding or with other requests. Would you like to book the services of an event agency? Then please contact our sales team so that we can send you an offer.

We distinguish between technical and user support. Only the user support is charged. We explain the exact differences below.

Technical support

This refers to functions in the tool that are defect or out of order as well as to bugs that currently exist in the system. This means that if something does not work on our side and we fix the error, this falls into the category of technical support and is of course free of charge for you.

User-Support & Process consulting

These are questions about the tool or its functionalities: "How does...?", "How can I...?" or cases in which we can advise you (e.g. individual process consultations). Most of the answers to these questions can be found in our knowledge base. Of course you can also contact us. We are here for you and will gladly support you in solving your question(s) or your individual process(es). This support falls into the category of user support, which we charge. You will find the prices for this on the contract/invoice between your company and evenito.

Support Response Times

Our goal is to review and respond to your request within half a working day. When contacting us, please send us as many details as possible (including link to the event in the evenito back office and step-by-step description - ideally supplemented by screenshots), so that we can offer a solution at the first reply.

Do you need support or have any queries?

All functions of the software are described on our knowledge database. We maintain the articles intensively so that the information is always up to date. Simply use the search field and enter your question or a keyword:

What is support?1

To contact us, you can write us a message. You can also do this directly in the tool by clicking on the question mark at the top right.

What is support?2

You can then either search for an article in our knowledge database in the pop-up window or contact us. To do so, click on "Leave a message" and then fill out the form.

What is support?3

Alternatively, you can go to our knowledge database (help.evenito.com) and fill in our contact form. To do so, click at the top right on "Submit a request". A form will open in which you can enter all the relevant information about your request, including the priority from a technical point of view (business impact).

What is support?4

Other exciting sources of information

You can find the latest features in our tool in the Release News (for logged-in users only). You can subscribe to these ("Follow") to be notified as soon as there is a new post.

We also present our latest features once a month in our Coffee Break. You can register for the short webinar HERE. There is also always room for general questions here.

Status page:

Please also subscribe to our status page to always be informed about maintenance work or possible system sided irregularities.