How do I activate and use the live polls?

Do you want to actively involve your participants during the event? Then activate the live polls, define your questions and answers in advance and put them live at the desired time. Now your participants can vote.

How do I activate the live poll function for evenito connect?

How do I activate and use the live polls?1

First select the menu item "Virtual platform".

On the right hand side, you will be presented with several options to choose from in the "Features" section. Activate the switch behind the lobby or session polls, so that they are made available on the virtual platform.

Lobby and session polls can be activated independently of each other. However, separate activation per schedule item is not possible.

Bitte beachte:

To create and manage a live poll, it is absolutely necessary to define one or more moderators. In this article, we will show you how to set up moderators for your virtual event.

How do I use the polls?

How do I activate and use the live polls?2

Create a poll

To create a live poll, open your virtual event platform with your moderator access, via the "Preview function" or via the corresponding access link in your message and first click on the symbol How do I activate and use the live polls?7on the right side of the screen. If you have not activated any other communication options apart from polls, this step is not necessary and you will land directly on the poll window.

Depending on where you are at the time, i.e. in the lobby or in a schedule item, the corresponding poll (lobby poll or session poll) will be opened.

  • The lobby poll is displayed as soon as you enter the lobby.
  • For each schedule item, the system automatically creates a new session.

You can also return to the overview by clicking on the arrow symbol Q&A_DE_4. There you will find both the lobby polls (marked with the following symbol: Q&A_DE_5), as well as the individual session polls (Icon: Q&A_DE_6). 

Click this icon Q&A_DE_7 to open the polls in full screen mode and click this iconWie aktiviere und verwende ich den Lobby- und Session-Chat?4to close them again. If you want to hide the communication bar completely, click on this icon Q&A_DE_8 in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then select the "Polls" tab and click on "Create poll". In the new poll window, first enter the title of your question, whether there should be a single or multiple choice of answer options and in the second step, define the individual answer options. Click on "Save" to apply the settings.

Also decide if you want to communicate your poll results live to your participants by selecting "public results" in the dropdown.

This way you can create as many polls as you like.

You would like to set up a mood query and display it with the help of stars or other emojis? This can be done, for example, using the Chrome browser as follows:
Click with the right mouse pointer on the answer field in a poll so that the following dropdown opens and now select "Emojis & Symbols" (Apple) or "Emojis" (Windows). Find your desired emoji (e.g. a star) and insert it as an answer.

How do I activate and use the live polls?3

Change the order of the polls

Via this icon How do I activate and use the live polls? on the right hand side of the respective poll, you have the option of changing the order of the questions. To do so, click on the icon and drag and drop the question to the desired position.

Please note:

Published questions cannot be rearranged. To do this, first withdraw the question and then rearrange it.

How do I publish a poll?

To publish a question and make it available to your participants for voting, click on "Publish" below the respective question. The respective question(s) will now be marked "Published" in the top left corner.

As soon as the questions have been published, they become visible to your participants. They now have the opportunity to select one (or, in the case of multiple choice questions, several) answer options per published question by clicking on them and confirming their selection with "Vote".

If you have set your poll to "non-public results", the selected answer option will be marked with this icon How do I activate and use the live polls?9 for the participant. If you have selected the option "public results", the participants will also see the overall evaluation of the poll in percent to the left of the corresponding answer options.

How do I activate and use the live polls?4

Please note:

Once a participant has selected an answer and actively confirmed it with "Vote", it can no longer be changed.

The moderators also see the evaluation in percent. In addition, how many of your participants have voted is displayed in the top next to the "Published" tag.

How do I activate and use the live polls?5

If you would like to close the poll, please click on the three dots to the right of the arrange icon and then on "Close poll" in the dropdown that opens. The poll will still be visible to your participants, but voting will no longer be possible. Instead, the final results of this poll will be displayed to all those present.

Please note:

Polls that have already ended can be restarted at any time by clicking on the three dots as before and now clicking on "Open poll" in the dropdown. All participants who have not yet selected an answer can now cast their vote.

If you would like to withdraw the poll, please click again on the three dots to the right of the arrange icon and then choose "Unpublish poll" in the dropdown. The poll is now only visible to the moderator team.

Please note:

As soon as you have withdrawn the question, the results in percent will no longer be displayed.

How can I reset or delete polls?

You have set up test polls in your event and now want to reset them or delete them completely? Please proceed as described below:

If you have already published the question and participants have voted, please withdraw it first. To do this, click on the three dots on the right and select "Unpublish poll".

If you want to delete the question, click on the three dots again and then on "Delete".

Please note:

Once deleted, the poll cannot be restored.


How do I activate and use the live polls?6

You want to export your live poll results after your virtual event? Click on the 3 dots next to the preview button in the menu item "Virtual platform" in your evenito back office and then click on "Download polls". Your survey results will be made available to you in an Excel file.


Deleted polls no longer appear in the export. Please make sure that you do not delete any polls that you will need later to evaluate the results.