How do I convert a message into a template?

You already have message templates stored in your organisation, but in one of your events, for example, you have created the perfect multilingual e-mail?

Then convert this into a template as well, so that it will be available to you as a template in the future.

Click on the desired message in the menu item of the same name to open it.

How do I convert a message into a template?1

Then click on the three dots on the right side, next to the "Choose contacts" button. After selecting "Create template from this message", you will be prompted below to name your template and determine which of your teams can use this template.

Once you have confirmed your settings, the template will be processed in the background and made available in your organization under Templates > Message Template(s).

Please note:

The creation of the template may take a few minutes depending on the multilingualism and the volume (content, graphics, etc.).