Technical requirements evenito connect

In order to guarantee a high quality event experience, we summarise here the most important technical requirements.

Overview evenito connect platform

  • Internet connection:
    • Wired internet connection (recommended)
    • Wireless broadband connection (3G, 4G/LTE or 5G)
  • Recommended devices:
    • Moderators and participants: Pure access to the platform (without meetings or streams) is possible via smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop is possible. More details in the next sections of this article. 
  • Supported browsers (minimum version):  
    • Chrome 88.
    • Safari 11
    • Firefox 86 (not recommended for Many-to-Many meetings)
    • Edge 46
  • Firewall
    • To participate in a web event, please make sure that your environment (software and network), allows streaming and downloading of real-time video.
  • Cookies
    • In order to use evenito connect, cookies must be activated. Extensions or browser configurations that block or deactivate cookies cookies may prevent participants and moderators from using evenito connect or participating in a live session.

Details One-to-Many

Depending on the provider you choose for the One-to-Many Stream different rules apply. Please check the details directly with the provider.

  • Recommended devices:
    • Moderators: It is mandatory that moderators attend the event with a computer or laptop. 
    • Participants: Participants have the best experience if they participate via computer or laptop. However, depending on the provider, a livestream can can also be followed on a tablet or smartphone.
  • YouTube has tips in this article for livestreaming summarised. 
  • Vimeo has complied the system requirements for streams in this article.

Details Many-to-Many (Jitsi)

  • Recommended devices:
    • Presenters & Participants: Generally, presenters and participants have the best experience when they are using a computer or laptop at a Many-to-Many meeting.
  • Supported browsers (minimum version):  
    • Chrome 88
    • Safari 11
    • Edge 46
  • The quality (including the bandwidth usage) of Jitsi can be adjusted the settings of the meeting. 

We recommend you test at least 6 weeks before the event