Copy messages

Would you like to copy one or more messages within an event? In this article we show you how to do this.

To copy a message within your event, either go to the menu item "Messages" or to the first overview page of your Event Centre, where you will also see an overview of all messages that have already been set up on the right-hand side.

Move the mouse pointer over the message to be copied and click on the first copy iconon the right-hand side.

Enter an appropriate name for your new message in the Name field in the pop-up window that opens and enter all the relevant groups that should receive the new message in the dropdown under Assign to group(s).

Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom right to copy the message.

The copied message will now be displayed below your original message in the message overview.

You can edit all message settings, such as the subject, the message type or the sender information, as usual by opening the copied message and making the relevant adjustments using the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner. You can find more details in this section of the article Edit and delete messages.

If you would like to save a message as a template so that you can also use it across events, please proceed as described in this article.