Create your own URL / domain for the event website

Setup of a subdomain (use of the same domain with different subdomains for several websites)

You want to customize the default link of your event websites ( Then please proceed as described below:

Please note:

The part "EVENTNAME" can be added directly in the evenito tool (in the website template > Overview space2 > tab "domain") and can be customized for each event. 

Let's assume that the EVENTNAME in this case is "digital-summit".

In evenito, you have the option to create an organization-specific URL for the event website. This can be a subdomain (e.g. or a new domain (e.g.


Please note:

The (sub-)domain must be secured by you first and must not have any content stored or be a subpage/extension of an existing website.


Please first save your desired (sub-)domain.

Ideally, you store this (sub-)Domain with a wildcard (* or * in the settings of your DNS system and then refer to our CNAME

If it is not possible to set a wildcard (*), then link the final event website URL (in our example or to our CNAME, also within your DNS system.

Please note:

In case you can't place a wildcard on the domain, you or your IT must link the domain for each event website to our CNAME


Why should I preferably register a domain with a wildcard *?

The * is called a wildcard and is basically a placeholder for "everything". So * can be or or, etc.

On the other hand, if you have saved a domain without the * and stored it in the DNS settings, then this URL can also only be used for 1 website at a time. For example: can only be and not or or similar. This also means that you cannot use the same domain for another website without taking down the event website, which is currently published under this domain. 

Setup of a main domain (only for individual event websites)

If you want to assign a domain to a specific website, you can proceed as described below:

First, please save your desired (sub-)domain.

Add an A-record for to your DNS settings, linking to the following IP:

Please note:

If you also want people to reach this website via, add a redirect from to 

Was my domain referenced correctly?

Do you want to make sure that your domain points correctly to the CNAME and that your website(s) can go live under your desired URL(s)?

Open your command system (for Mac) by typing "Terminal" in the search field and try to ping your URL by using e.g. "test" as an alternative for the wildcard (*). As an example: ping or

If the response is pinging, the domain was linked correctly to the CNAME using the wildcard. 

Alternatively, you can visit the external site MxToolbox and check your domain there, by entering it in the search field.  


Please note:

You can also check if e.g. only a special URL was linked to the CNAME. Ping the final event website URL you defined (in our example or

For example: ping or ping

If the result is "Unknown host", this particular URL you are pinging is not available for evenito yet. In this case please check your DNS settings again.

After you have made the CNAME entry for the domain, please inform our support, they will help you add the URL to your space.