View changes to contact information in audit logs

Want to see what changes a contact has made to his or her information, or if that data may have been overwritten? In this article, we'll show you how to track these adjustments using the audit logs.

What are audit logs?

Audit logs are the documentation of activities of your contacts. The logs record where, when, how and which adjustments were made by or for this contact.

How can I see the logs?

To open the audit logs, first hover over your preferred contact in the contact overview and then click on the edit pencil on the right side. Now the information of this contact will open.

Then click on the "Logs" tab below the contact name.

View changes to contact information in audit logsDE1

The table shows the following contents from left to right:

  • The 1st column shows the date and time when adjustments were made to this contact.
  • Column 2 indicates where the adjustments were made or by whom. "Website (Open API)" declares that the changes were made by the contact himself, directly in the registration form on the website. Alternatively, it is also possible that a user created in evenito has made adjustments to this contact directly in the back office.
  • Column 3 shows which type of action has been performed, e.g. "edit contact". 
  • The last column shows in detail which changes have been made and where. For example, what information was entered during registration or what answers were selected in the live surveys on the virtual platform.

Please note:

Currently, the stored answers are still displayed as abstract IDs. This will be adjusted in the future.

Do you want to see what general changes have been made to your event? We'll be happy to give you more insights in the article Use audit logs to review all adjustments made within your event.