View invoices and start Cancellation process

After successfully purchasing a ticket, you can view the invoices of your participants and also cancel these ticket purchases.


Overview of invoices

In the "Tickets" menu item, you can see the tickets already sold per category directly in the overview in the "Ticket types" tab in the "Quantity" column to the left of your defined total limit for this category.

Tickets_-_Ticketing_Schulung_Malina_-_Dashboard_-_evenitoIf you would like to view and download participants' invoices or simply get an overview of the status of ticket purchases, please click on the "Invoices" tab.


The displayed contact overview can be filtered for the following information:
  • Names via search
  • Status
  • Price
  • Customer name
  • Customer e-mail
  • Customer company
  • Creation date

You can also download an overview of all invoices created using the download icon Contacts overview (display, filter and export)12 in the top right-hand corner. This Excel file contains the following details:

  • Invoice ID
  • Creation date
  • Status
  • Cart size
  • Cart value
  • Company
  • Street
  • City
  • Country
  • Postal

View a participant's billing information

You can view individual invoices by moving the cursor over the desired participant and clicking on the eye symbol.

Cursor_und_Invoice_details_-_Invoices_-_Tickets_-_Ticketing_Schulung_Malina_-_Dashboard_-_evenitoThe "Details" with the following information are displayed on the left-hand side:

  • Invoice ID
  • Status (e.g. completed or cancelled)
  • Price
  • Creation Date

Below the details, you can see which tickets your participant has purchased and in what quantity. This information is listed on the left under "Purchased tickets".
In the "History" you can view the participant's ticket purchase process, e.g. when they entered the payment details, when the transaction was confirmed and the process completed, etc.
The customer information that the participant entered during the payment process is stored on the right-hand side.

Please note:

The contact information required by your participants to purchase tickets is fixed and cannot be customised. 

Download invoices

To download an individual invoice of a participant, click on the eye symbol in the corresponding invoice details of the contact and click on the "Download PDF" button at the top right.

You will receive the participant's invoice as a .pdf in your download folder. 


Please note:

The invoice design and the content displayed on it cannot be customised in terms of form and scope.

Cancelling and refunding ticket purchases

Trigger cancellation and refund


After a successful cancellation, the cancelled ticket contingent in the shopping basket is automatically released again.

However, the number of tickets sold will remain in your ticket overview.

If you notice that there are more tickets sold than your set limit for a ticket category, this is due to the cancellations made for this ticket category.  

To cancel a participant's ticket purchase, open their invoice details in the "Invoices" tab by moving the cursor over the desired transaction and opening the screen using the eye symbol as described above.

Then click on the "Execute cancellation" button at the top right. If you really want to cancel the ticket, click on "Execute cancellation" in the pop-up window. The invoice will then be automatically cancelled and the amount refunded to the participant. The tickets purchased will lose their validity.

The refund time may vary depending on the payment method. 

Please note:

It is not possible to cancel individual tickets. If a participant purchases several tickets for themselves and/or their companions, but only wants to cancel one of these tickets at a later date, all tickets must be refunded. The participant must then start a new purchase process with the updated number of tickets.

Cancelling participants


Contacts with tickets that have already been purchased cannot be deleted even after cancellation and will remain in your event.

After you have cancelled the ticket purchase, you must set the corresponding contact (and, if necessary, their companion(s)) to the status "declined", if this has not already been done by the contact themselves in their registration form. 

To do this, click on the "Contacts" menu item, enter the name in the search bar at the top and proceed as described in this article.

If you now filter your contact overview to the status "Registered" and the corresponding ticket category(ies), you will see the number of people who have actually registered and actively purchased tickets. 


Please note:

Please check regularly to see if there are any contacts who have purchased a ticket but have not registered as described in this article