How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?

After you have defined your tickets in the previous step and published them on your event website as well as set up the necessary communication and the registration form, the tickets can now be purchased by your participants.

In the first step, the participant selects the desired tickets and enters the payment information. In the second step, they complete their registration by entering the contact information and additional questions defined in the form.

Ticket purchase & registration form

In the first step, the participant clicks on the individually named button in the registration area (in our example "Buy tickets"). They are then taken to the ticket overview.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?1

In this screen, the participant now selects the desired tickets in the number he or she requires. The number of tickets that can be selected was defined by you in advance in the menu item "Event Center" under limits.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?2

Once the desired tickets have been selected, the participant is taken to the entry of personal contact information by clicking on the "Proceed" button.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?3

As soon as the participant has entered the desired information, they are forwarded to the payment by clicking on the button "Proceed to payment". In this third step, the participant can now choose between different payment methods. The following are available for selection:

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit
  • Sofort (via Klarna)
  • Paypal

Please note:

Which payment methods will be made available to your participants can be communicated to your evenito sales contact or your CS team in advance.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?4

As soon as the participant has deposited the payment information and confirmed it with the "Pay" button, the details are checked.

If the payment cannot be made, the following error message will appear:

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?5

Please note:

After 15 minutes, the process is cancelled and the tickets reserved until then are released again. If the participant still wants to purchase the tickets, they must return to the event website and start the reservation process again.

Once the payment process has been successfully completed, you will be automatically redirected to the registration form on your event website. The participant then completes the outstanding contact information fields, additional questions and (if possible) companions.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?6


While the participant is taken to the registration form on the event website after completing a successful ticket purchase, the ticket purchase confirmation e-mail is sent parallel. If the payment process could not be completed, this message will not be sent.

Please note:

This message can only be triggered automatically if you

  1. have selected the type "Purchase confirmation" in the menu item "Messages" for the e-mail delivery. 
  2. you have defined a fallback group. In this article, in the subitem "Fallback group", we will show you how to store this.

The invoice is automatically attached to the ticket purchase confirmation e-mail.

If you open the ticket purchase confirmation under Messages by clicking on the shipping icon Wie läuft ein Ticketkauf-Prozess in evenito ab? , the filter for the invoice status "completed" is automatically set. In addition, the corresponding invoice number is also displayed in the "Invoices" column in the contact overview.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?7

After the participant has deposited the personal information for themselves and, if applicable, for their companion(s), the registration confirmation will also be triggered.

Please note:

In order for these confirmations to be sent automatically to both the main guest and their companion(s), the messages must be set up with the type "Registration Confirmation" and "Registration Confirmation Companion".


Would you like to view and download the participants' invoices or cancel them? Then click on the "Invoices" tab in the "Tickets" menu.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?8

The displayed contact overview can be filtered for the following information:

  • Names via search
  • Status
  • Price
  • Customer name
  • Customer email
  • Customer company
  • Creation date

In addition, you can download an overview of all created invoices via the download symbol Contacts overview (display, filter and export)12 in the top right hand corner. This Excel file contains the following details:

  • Invoice ID
  • Creation date
  • Status
  • Cart Value
  • Client name
  • Company
  • Street
  • City
  • Country
  • Postal code

Bitte beachte:

The invoice design as well as the content displayed on it cannot be adapted in form and scope.

View a participant's billing information

Individual invoices can be viewed by moving the cursor over the desired participant and clicking on the eye symbol.

How does a ticket purchase process work in evenito?9

On the left side, the map "Details" is displayed with the following information:

  • Invoice ID
  • Status (e.g. completed or cancelled)
  • Price
  • Creation date (when the ticket purchase took place as a result of which the invoice was created)

Below the details, you can see the tickets that your participant has purchased and the number of these tickets. This information is listed under "Purchased tickets".

In the "History" you can view the ticket purchase process of the participant, e.g. when he or she deposited the payment details, when the transaction was confirmed and the process was completed, etc.

On the right hand side, the customer info that the participant has entered during the payment process is stored.

Download, cancel & refund invoices 

For cancelling the invoice of a participant, open the invoice details in the tab "Invoices" by moving the cursor over the desired transaction and opening the mask with the help of the eye symbol.

Afterwards, click on the "Execute cancellation" button in the top right hand corner. If you really want to cancel the ticket, click on "Execute cancellation" in the pop up window. The invoice will then be automatically cancelled and the amount refunded to the participant. The purchased tickets lose their validity.

Please note:

It is not possible to cancel individual tickets. In other words, if a participant purchases several tickets for themselves and their companion(s) and wishes to cancel only one of these tickets at a later date, all tickets must be refunded. The participant must then purchase the new number of tickets.

Please note:

After a successful cancellation, the correspondingly canceled ticket contingent in the shopping cart is automatically released again. However, the number of tickets sold remains in the ticket overview. 
If you notice that there are more tickets sold than your set limit for a ticket category, this is due to the cancelations made for this ticket category.

Important note:

Currently there is no automatic deregistration of the participant (and his/her companion). Please navigate to the menu item "Contacts", enter the name in the search and change the status to "declined".