Create schedule item

Create individual schedule items, by defining the name and description, assigning the event type (e.g. networking, workshop) and the groups that are invited to participate and define the start and end time.

Select the menu item "Schedule" in the navigation. Afterwards you have two options to add a schedule item:

  1. Click on the plus sign at the top right.
  2. Select the desired start time in the time bar on the left and drag the mouse to the end time. The schedule item with the defined times opens automatically.

You can enter the following information for each schedule item:

  • Name

  • Individual description 


For security reasons, some content can not be displayed in edit mode in the site builder. For example, externally embedded images are displayed as broken images and externally embedded fonts might not be displayed correctly. However, all content can be accessed and used via the preview button and the published website.

  • Event type

  • Guest group(s) which are allowed to participate in this schedule item: 

Please note:

Currently this only applies to evenito connect. Participants only see the schedule items assigned to their group as well as those schedule items that do not have a group assigned.

  • Start and end date, which are further specified by entering a time. 

Please note:

The name of the schedule item and the description must be adapted per language. The red symbol next to the language switcher shows you if a field in another language has not yet been filled in. As soon as you have added all translations, the icon will turn green. The language assistant with this symbol Screenshot Sprachwechsler & Sprachasisstent offers you assistance. You can find detailed information in this article.

Create schedule item1

Click on "Add schedule item" to create the schedule item.


Parallel schedule items are displayed underneath each other on the event website. In this article we  show you how to determine the order of your parallel schedule items.

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