Define groups

Overview groups

You can define different groups of participants under "Groups". On the one hand, the groups give you a better overview and on the other hand, you can individualise the following for each group:

  • group specific communication
  • group specific schedule (only for evenito connect - not the event website)
  • group specific RSVP 
    • Set up individual questions that only certain groups are allowed to see. 
    • Provide different answer options and add a group to each of them. If the participant selects an answer, this action automatically adds the participant to the group.

A participant can be assigned to several groups.

Define groups

Add a new group using the plus sign at the top right.

Define groups1

You can save the following settings for each group:

Define groups2

  1. Name of the group (e.g. VIP)
  2. Colour code, which serves a better overview
  3. Companion Limit per main guest per group

Once you have defined your groups, you can confirm the settings by clicking on the "Save changes" button. 


For private events, the groups of the main guest that you have defined and assigned in advance when adding or uploading a contact to your backoffice, will also be adopted for the companions.

Fallback groups

The fallback group is the group to which a participant is automatically assigned if he/she has not been assigned to any other groups yet (e.g. when creating the contact). It is possible to define several fallback groups.

In order to define the fallback group, click on the cogwheel Overview space2 in the upper right hand corner and select your desired groups in the drop down menu. You can choose from all the groups that you have previously defined in the Groups tab.


The fallback group is marked with the Define groups3 symbol in the overview. In the following, this group can also no longer be deleted!

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