Update contact details through token matching

You would like to update the data of your contacts already in the event or, for example, assign further groups or add the hotel room as a new contact information field - but there are just too many contacts to make these adjustments manually?

Then please proceed as described in this article.

Important notes on re-uploading an updated contact list in a Live Event


Re-uploading contact details that are already in your live event is very sensitive. If data is updated or overwritten during import, an irrevocable update of the original data records takes place. Therefore, please be extra cautious. We therefore ask you to read this article carefully and follow the instructions step by step.

If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact our CS team so we can help you with your questions before uploading again!

Before you start exporting and reimporting your contact list, please check the following notes to decide whether reuploading your contact list is appropriate for your event:

  • Given participant answers to questions and sub-questions cannot be re-imported as answer options. If this is necessary, all information from the event-specific questions and sub-questions that you still need in the contact details in the event itself must also be created as new contact information fields. Proceed as described in this section of this article.
  • The identification for the comparison of the updated data records takes place during a new upload via the personalised token of the contacts. Under no circumstances may other or new tokens be assigned for the renewed upload of the already existing contacts.
  • If you actively change data in your Excel list and overwrite it with other information, for example, the existing data in the contact details will be irrevocably overwritten by the new upload.

Preparations for re-uploading your contact list

Export contact details from your event

First you have to export all the contacts you want. To do this, proceed as described in this article. Either export your entire contact list or download a filtered list by defining all corresponding filters in advance via the "Show filter" button.

Download your Excel list using the download button in the top right-hand corner. This appears as soon as you have selected your contacts via the checkbox(es) on the far left above the contact data overview.

Update contact details through token matching1

Preparation in the evenito back office

As already mentioned in the notes at the beginning of this article, it is not possible to re-import answers provided by contacts from the registration form into the tool.

If you want to change the questions and/or sub-questions in your registration form and still need the previously requested information, you can set up new contact information fields for these when re-importing, under which you store the answers already given by your contacts.


Please note that the previously given answers of your contacts are irrevocably deleted after an adjustment of the questions or sub-questions.

Of course, you can also create other contact information fields independently of the answer options if you plan to import completely new information from your contacts into the event.

Please create these first as described in this article, so that you can match them with the corresponding columns of your Excel list when you upload them again.

Preparing your Excel file

When preparing your new Excel file, please follow the guidelines in this section of the article "Add contacts by importing via Excel".

Add more columns to your new Excel list so that you can match them with the contact information fields you have added in the later upload window.

Upload your contact list again with additional information

In principle, the re-upload of your Excel list works as described in this article.

Assign the desired contact information field to the corresponding columns in the upload window using the respective drop-down fields.


The personalised tokens of the contacts are the identifier of the tool for the comparison of the contact data records in case of a renewed upload. Therefore, under no circumstances may other or new tokens be assigned for the renewed upload of the participant data records to be updated. In addition, it is mandatory to assign the already existing contact information field "Token" from the dropdown to the token column from your Excel list.

Update contact details through token matching2

If there is contact information to which you have not made any adjustments, you can click on the corresponding column in the upload window and remove it using the bin icon or simply not assign a field to this column from the dropdown. The information already stored in the contact details will remain and will not be replaced by updated information.

Please note:

If you have stored several contacts or the same contact several times with the same token in your Excel list, the last contact uploaded with this token always finally overwrites the entire contact data details.

Once you have linked all the desired contact information fields to the corresponding columns, you can start the upload and the re-uploaded contact details will update in the contact details of this event.

If data is updated or overwritten during import, an irrevocable update of the original data records takes place.