Add a new booth type

With this function you can add booth types, e.g. to present different partners, sponsors or products or to offer a place for networking.

You decide what the types are called and how many you need for your online or hybrid event in combination with evenito connect. You can later add several booths per booth type.

Activate booth function

To use the booth function, first activate it in the Event Centre in the basic setup.

Please note:

At the moment, booths can only be displayed on the virtual platform.

Add new booth type

Add new booth types or manage existing ones by clicking on the plus sign in the menu tab "Booths" in the upper right corner. In the dropdown that opens, select the option "Create a booth type".

Add a new booth type1

The first time a booth type is created, the pop up window "New booth type" opens.

Add a new booth type2

Now you can choose the name for your first booth type. In this case "Sponsors".

Afterwards, select the suitable icon.

Please note:

This is displayed above the booth type designation in the navigation on the virtual platform connect:

Add a new booth type3

To add your new booth type, finally click on "Done".

Please note:

If your event has been set up in several languages, make sure that you store the above information for all languages. Use the language changer for this purpose.

Add a new booth type4

You can either add more booth types immediately or later by selecting the cogwheel to the left of the plus button in the overview.

Add a new booth type5

To add further booth types, you can either click on the function "Create a booth type" (to the left of the "Save & close" button) or simply select the free text field "Add item" on the left and enter the desired designation. As soon as you start typing, the symbol on the left-hand side of the page will also appear. You can customize it as you wish using the drop-down menuAdd a new booth type6.

Delete or adjust a booth

You want to delete a type or adjust the arrangement of the booth types by drag and drop?

Return to the "Booth type settings" window using the cogwheel Overview space2 and then move the mouse pointer over the booth types you have set up. The following symbols are immediately displayed:Add a new booth type.

Click on "Save & close" to accept the booth types and return to the overview.

Add a new booth type5

The individual booth types are now displayed as individual tabs at the top left in the menu item "Booths". Click on the respective booth type to set up your booths in the next step.

How are the booths displayed on connect?

Add a new booth type7

Depending on whether you have set up one or more booth types, these will be displayed on the left-hand side in the navigation. In the example above, several booth types were created, e.g. for sponsors, partners or networking.

In this article we show you how to set up the virtual platform connect.

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