Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams

To keep your organisation as clear as possible for your evenito users, you can now assign these users to teams and also define which events the respective teams are allowed to view and edit.

Create team(s) and add users


Only the administrators have the option to create teams. Deleting teams is only possible if no users and events are assigned to this team. 

Create your team(s)

To create a team, first select the "Teams" tab in the "Users, Teams & Roles" dropdown in your organisation and then click on the plus symbol on the right-hand side.

Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams1

First define the team designation ("Name") in this mask and then select a colour in the dropdown for a better overview by clicking on the colour icon.

Optionally, you can also add a description to this team.

Confirm your entries with "Add".

The team you have created is now listed in the overview and can be supplemented by as many other teams as you wish. To do so, follow the procedure described above.

Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams2


The first created team is automatically declared as the default team. This can not be adjusted later.

Add users to your teams

Hover over the desired team in the overview and click on the edit pencil on the right-hand side.

On the left side you can see the information about the team in which you are currently located under "Details".

In the drop-down menu "Team members" on the right-hand side, you can select all the users who are stored in your organisation and who can be assigned to your team.

Please note:

A user can also belong to several teams. To do this, proceed as described above and add the users individually to the respective teams.

Assign events to your teams

You can define what teams are allowed to view and edit which events using the following two options:

Create new event via copy or event template

After you have created your new event based on an event template or an event copy, you can select in the drop-down menu under "Teams" in the opening window to which team(s) it should be displayed and made available for further editing.

Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams3

Inside an existing event

First select an event that has already been set up in the dashboard by clicking on it. Afterwards, go to the Event Centre menu item and select the Basic Setup tab.

Structure the access permissions of your users with the help of teams4

In this screen you can now determine in the dropdown "Teams" which of the teams you have previously defined are allowed to view and edit this event. You decide whether only one team is allowed to view the event or if several teams have access to it.

Please note:

Event managers can only select from those teams to which they have been assigned. Administrators can view and select all stored teams in the dropdown.

Click on "Save changes" to apply your adjustments.

Do this for all your set up events.

If a user who was previously assigned to the team "Event-Team Corporate Events", for example, logs into evenito, only sees those events displayed which were authorised with the team assignment "Event-Team Corporate Events". 

Please note:

This assignment is only applied to the role "Event Manager". Users with the role "Administrator" will continue to see all events in your organisation.