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In your organisation, you store the general settings for your company and all the events and users in it.

In addition to the basic information about your organisation, these settings also include the information about users, teams and roles. You also have the option of storing templates that you can select select for all your events.

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For accessing the organisation settings, click on the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner Overview space2.

General settings

The sub-items "Basic information" and "Resources" are anchored under the item "General Settings".

In the basic information, you can enter the name of your organisation and a description, upload your logo via the file manager and set the main CD colour. The icons in the backend will be displayed in this colour. 

Please note:

CI/CD adaptations for the messages and website and also the virtual platform evenito connect can be individually stored in the respective menu items within your event.

In the "Resources" section you will find the verification of your e-mail domain, as well as the (sub-)domain on which your event website will be accessible. For more information on these topics, please click on the corresponding links:


To be able to select your domain when creating the website and to send your messages under your e-mail domain, these must be deposited. If, for example, you are unable to select the landing page domain or receive an error message when entering your sender e-mail address during the e-mail setup, please create a support-ticket.

User, Teams & Roles

This item is divided into the sections "Users", "Teams" and "Roles".

The users are the people in your organisation who use evenito and set up events in this tool. They are not the same as the contacts, i.e. the participants, that you add to your events. You can find more information on the topic of users in the following articles:

You can also assign roles to new and existing users. Depending on the role, the user receives different authorisations. You can find a detailed description of the individual roles under "Users, Teams & Roles" > "Roles".

With the help of the teams, you can assign your users to cross-organisational groups, which are then, for example, only allowed to view and edit certain events. In this way different company departments can be deposited in one account. In addition to the security aspect, this also ensures a better overview.

Please note:

Event managers can only view and edit those events whose team(s) they belong to. Administrators, on the other hand, can view and edit all events and can not be added to a team.


For even more efficient working, you can predefine templates under "Templates":

In addition, as an organiser you can add or delete further templates. Both administrators and event managers can then access the defined templates in each of your events, select them individually and adapt them. 



Please make sure that you assign the event templates to your correct teams. Usually, the default team is deposited. If, for example, a template is only visible for a certain team, please explicitly add this team via the dropdown when creating the template. In this article we show you how. 

 In this article we show you how to create a message, website or event template.