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Check-in participants via the evenito back office

You want to check-in your participants on site?

You can either do this conveniently via our check-in app or you can set up a check-in or information counter on site and log into the evenito back office via your iPad or laptop, for example. You can also check participants in or out directly via the menu item "Check-in".


To implement the check-in directly in evenito, first activate the function "Check-in" in the Event Center in the tab "Basic setup".

Check-in participants via the evenito back office1

As soon as you have activated this function, the item "Check-in" appears in the menu bar.

Check-in participants via the evenito back office2

If you open the corresponding menu item, the list with all contacts and the search function are displayed on the left hand side.

On the right hand side you will also see an overview of the activities of all participants, i.e. carried out check-ins and check-outs up to this point.

Please note:

If you reload your browser window or log out of the tool, the activities are no longer displayed in the general overview. In the personal participant mask of a participant this information is still displayed under "Latest activities".

In the contact list, the contact information fields "First name", "Last name", "Email" and "Token" are listed in separate columns by default. These are supplemented by the columns "Check-in status" and "Groups". If you would like to show additional fields, such as the registration status, please click on the edit pencil on the right and select the respective checkbox(es) in the overview that opens.

Please note:

There is currently no separate user role for check-in in the evenito back office. The "check-in App" role was developed specifically for the check-in app.


To check-in a contact, for example, click in the search box to search for the first or last name or token.

Please note:

Unfortunately, a full text search by first and last name is not possible.

Alternatively, you can click on "Show filters" to display all participants of a certain group or a certain registration or check-in status, for example.

Once you have found your desired contact, click on it. On the right hand side, above the "Activities" overview of all participants, the corresponding contact view field of the participant appears:

Check-in participants via the evenito back office3

The following information is displayed in this view:

  • Name (of the participant)
  • "Check-in" button or, if you have already checke- in the contact, this button is automatically changed to "Check-out".
  • Check-in status: if no check-in or check-out has taken place yet, the status "Not available" is displayed here. After clicking the "Check-in" or "Check-out" button, the status is adjusted analogously to Check-in participants via the evenito back office4 or Check-in participants via the evenito back office5.
  • Token
  • E-mail address (of the participant)
  • Groups
  • Furthermore, the "most recent activities" of the participant are listed below this information. This should not be confused with the overview of activities of all participants. 

After you have clicked on the button "Check-in", the contact is marked with the status "checked-in" in the personal contact mask as well as in the overall contact list in the column "Check-in status". At the same time, the check-in is also indicated in the activity overview of the participant as well as in the activity list of all contacts.

Check-in participants via the evenito back office6

If you want to check the participant out again, click on the "Check-out" button at the top right of the personal contact screen. The status changes to "checked-out" in the participant view as well as in the column "Check-in status". In addition, this adjustment is also adopted in the respective activities:

Check-in participants via the evenito back office7

Of course you can also check a contact in or out several times. For example, click on the "Check-in" button again after a "Check-out" has already taken place.

If, for example, a participant has not been checked-out but needs to be checked-in again, you can track the new "check-in" again using the "Overwrite check-in" button. 

Check-in participants via the evenito back office8

The old log is not deleted. Instead, a second check-in status is listed in the participant's personal activity list. This also applies to a second check-out.

Check-in participants via the evenito back office9

Please note:

You can view the final check-ins and check-outs of all participants via the export in the menu item "Contacts".

Badge printing 

Check-in participants via the evenito back office10

With the help of our evenito badge printing feature you have the possibility to print personalised files for different use cases, such as the personalisation of name badges or accreditation badges for your participants directly via the evenito backoffice.

In order to use the personalised files feature, it has to be activated by our product team for your space. So feel free to contact our CS team so that we can initiate the activation of the function for you.

Afterwards, please proceed as described in this article on how to create a personalized file. The badge printing function can then be activated and used in the menu item "Check-In" as described in this section of the article.