Contacts overview (display, filter and export)

evenito shows you an overview of your contacts (invited guests/participants) under "Contacts". You can enter your own settings in the overview so that you can edit, filter and sort your contacts however you want.

Contacts overview

In the menu item Contacts you will get an overview of all your contacts, their contact information and answers to event specific additional questions. This overview allows you to select your contacts for certain actions or to edit their details.

In order to find your contacts in your overview, they have to be transferred to the tool. This can be done in various ways. With the plus button in the top right-hand corner, you have the option of adding contacts manually or via an Excel list. For further information, see these articles:

If you want to delete contacts, activate the checkbox in front of the desired contacts and then click on the trash can icon in the top right-hand corner.


Once deleted, the contacts and previously stored information (i.e. contact information fields or answers to event specific additional or sub-questions) as well as the registration or the check-in status cannot be restored. The data is lost. In this case, we recommend that you to first create an export

Filter contacts

For a better overview of your contacts, you can filter your contact list in evenito according to your needs.

In the search field you can search for the desired contact using keywords (e.g. first name, last name, company).

Contacts overview (display, filter and export)1

Click on "Show filters" to open the specific filter settings.

With the help of the dropdown "Search in fields", you define the contact information and event specific additional questions that you want to be filtered. To do this, select the desired information in the dropdown using the checkbox.


To start the search, at least 2 letters or numbers must be entered. For example, if you want to search for table number 1, please enter it as "01" in the tool.

Please note:

In order to be able to filter for this contact information or additional questions, you must first store it in the settings of the contacts (Overview space2). By default, the information first name, last name and e-mail are predefined. If you want to add further fields, proceed as described in the article Set and edit contact information. The additional questions can be set up in the menu item "RSVP". Further information can be found in this article: Specify event specific additional questions.

Under "Contact type" you have the option to filter for "Main Contact" or for "Companion", to either display only the main contacts, or only the companions of your event in the contact overview.

You can filter for additional, specific groups, e.g. VIP, Speaker, etc., under "Belongs to groups". Select these in the dropdown. These group(s) must also first be entered in the tool. You can find more information in the article Define groups.

As the contacts can belong to several groups, you can define in the second dropdown (behind "Belongs to groups") to what extent the group belongs should be applied. You have the following options:

  • One of the groups: Contact belongs to one of the defined groups
  • All groups: Contact belongs to all groups
  • Exact match: Contact belongs exactly to the defined groups 

Please note:

If you hover your mouse over a group in the contact overview, the full name of the group is displayed.

Furthermore, you can filter your contacts according to their "Registration status" and "Check-in status".

In the dropdown list behind "Registration status" you can choose between the options "Pending", "Registered" and "Declined". 

Please note:

The status "Pending" only indicates those contacts who were invited by you directly from the tool, but who have then neither registered nor declined. In the case of an open registration, where your participants come to the event website via social media or other channels to register, you will only find the status "Registered" or "Declined".

In the dropdown "Check-in state" you can choose between the option "None", "Physical", "Virtual" or "Hybrid". 

With the help of the date picker behind "Last updated" you can set a date from which you want to see the new changes to your contacts.

As soon as you have defined the filter settings, the desired contact list is displayed below the search bar.

If you click on "Hide filters", your selected filters will remain in the background and will be displayed as keywords

Please note:

If you want to remove all filters at once, click on the "Clear filters" button.


Hover over the description above your contact list to sort your contact list in evenito.

Contacts overview (display, filter and export)2

An arrow appears to the right of the description. If you click on this arrow, the list is automatically sorted according to the selected description (in the above example "Last name").

  • Arrow up: Sort by A -> Z
  • Arrow down: Sort by Z -> A

Define the display of column contents

You only want to display certain contact information and additional questions in your overview?

Contacts overview (display, filter and export)3

Then click the pencil icon in the right-hand corner of the contact information bar, above your contact list.

The list now shows all contact information and additional event specific questions you have defined. Use the checkboxes to determine which information should be displayed in your overview.

Contacts overview (display, filter and export)4

Move the cursor over the listed information to change the arrangement in the overview. Click on this symbol  = and drag and drop the information to the desired positions.

Please note:

This setting is individual and is not automatically set for other users in your Organisation.

Icons for registration and Check-in status 

How to filter the registration or Check-in status has already been shown to you under Filter contacts. In the contact overview, the individual statuses are displayed as follows:

Contacts overview (display, filter and export)5

In the column titled "Registration", the respective participation status of the contacts is listed:

  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)6 Pending: The contact is neither registered nor deregistered.
  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)7 Registered: The contact is registered for the event.
  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)8 Declined: The contact does not participate in the event.

We explain how to manually adjust the registration status in the article Adapt contact information, participant answers and registration status.

The column titled "Check-in" shows the respective check-in status of the participants:

  • empty box:Not available - The contact was not checked in and therefore did not participate in the event.
  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)9 Virtual: The participant was checked in on the virtual platform "evenito connect" by clicking on the corresponding access link in their message.
  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)10 Physical: The participant was checked in by using the Check-in app.
  • Contacts overview (display, filter and export)11 Hybrid: The participant was registered with the Check-in app at the venue and also accessed the virtual platform, for example to take part in surveys or to interact in chats.

Please note:

When a participant is connected to the virtual platform, the virtual Check-in is marked as such with the icon, e.g. when the curtain page (button "Event is online") is manually deactivated in the menu item "Virtual platform".

The Check-in symbol also remains active when the participant has been checked out again - this applies to both virtual and physical participation. In this way, you can filter directly in the contact overview or see in the dashboard in the Event Centre under "Checked in" how many participants have checked in on the virtual platform or were checked in via the Check-in app within the event period. In addition, you can filter for this status in the menu item "Messages" (Contacts overview (display, filter and export)13) for a possible "follow up communication".

You can use the export to see when the participants were checked out again. You can find more information under Export contacts.

Export contacts

For exporting the contacts, click on the box in the upper left corner above your contacts to select all contacts. After that the download button "Contacts overview (display, filter and export)12" is enabled in the upper right corner. The export is an Excel file (.xlsx).

You can find further information on exporting in the related article: Export contacts incl. check-ins & check-outs.

Next step: Adapt contact information, participant answers and registration status