How do I create a personalized file?

By using our evenito letter shop you have the possibility to send personalized files for different use cases to your participants.

Activate personalized files function

In order to use the personalized files feature, this feature must be activated by our product team for your Space. Feel free to contact our CS team so that we can initiate the activation of this feature for you. 

Create your personalized file

How do I create a personalized file?1

Before you can personalise your file, you must first create a document. For this purpose, you set up a Word file in which you insert your texts, images, logos, etc.

In order to be able to personalize this document through our letter shop, you now need to add the correct placeholders, which are automatically filled with the participant's personal information when the file is downloaded and dispatched. These placeholders can be used, for example, to design an address field, insert the salutation or generate a QR code.

If desired, tables can be used in the files to bring structure to the document. It's also possible to hide table rows so that they are not displayed in the final document.

Please note:

Only the basic fonts, such as Arial, should be used to create the Word file. The personalized files cannot reproduce every font, otherwise it will be automatically adjusted to a basic font in the background.

How to use the file

As soon as you have prepared your file, you can add it to your event. 

To do this, navigate to your contacts, then select the "Personalized files" tab and click on the "+" icon on the right hand side. 

How do I create a personalized file?2

Next, you define the name of your file, add it via the file manager by clicking on the paper clip icon and confirm the upload via the "Add" button.

How do I create a personalized file?3

Please note:

In case your event is multilingual, you can save the files in different languages via the language switcher in the top right hand corner. As soon as you download or send the file to your contacts, they will automatically receive the file in the language stored in the contact.

Download and dispatch


To download your personalized file, navigate to your contacts and select the participants you want to download by selecting the top checkbox. After selecting your contacts, click on the download button in the top right hand corner and select "Personalized files". 

Please note:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to select individual contacts in the list via different pages. However, you have the option of using the filter function ("Show filter") and creating your file only for the registered contacts.


How do I create a personalized file?4

Then select your file from the drop down menu. The following window opens:

How do I create a personalized file?5

Please note:

The file name and the recipient are filled in automatically by the system - by default, the email address with which you log in to evenito is stored as the recipient. Of course, you can also change both manually.


By clicking the "Render" button you confirm the sending of the personalized files to the recipient's email address. The download is prepared with a time delay and the duration of the sending depends on the size and number of the selected files and contacts.

The link to download the files in the e-mail is valid for 7 days from the time of receipt. After this time you will not be able to access the files behind the link and you will have to start a new export.

You also have the option of downloading the personalized file for a single contact. To do this, open the relevant contact by hovering over the contact with the cursor and clicking on the edit pencil on the right hand side. Then click on the download button at the top right and select the file to trigger the download.

How do I create a personalized file?6


To send the file to your participants via message, you must first create a message in which you want to send out your file.

Insert a button in the message for the link to the file and store the placeholder of the file in the URL.

How do I create a personalized file?7

In the placeholder manager, under the "Files" section, you'll find the corresponding placeholders for the file. There are two different options available. The first placeholder (here, for example, "Test File") pertains to the personalized file of the main contact. The second placeholder (+ Companions) automatically includes both files, meaning that the personalized files for both contacts (main contact + companion) are included.

Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-03 um 10

After you have completed your message, you can now send your message to the contacts you have selected.

If multiple files need to be rendered, a notification will appear indicating that the document is being prepared. The page will then need to be refreshed in order to access the complete document. After refreshing, the document will be available immediately.

Please note that the document will only be available for 7 days after the message is sent. If the recipient does not download the file within this timeframe, the link will expire and the message will need to be resent.

Placeholders in personalized files

You can use the following placeholders in your Word document:

  • Event start date: 
  • Event start time:
  • Event name:
  • Description Event: 
  • Salutation: 
  • Title: 
  • First name:
  • Last name:
  • Address: 
  • Postcode: 
  • Place: 
  • Individual token:
  • QR-Code for Check-In: 
  • QR-Code for the personalized registration on the event website: 
  • QR-Code for the personalized access to the virtual platform: 

Please note:

You also have the option of using all the contact information fields and additional questions created for your registration form as placeholders in your personalised file. You can find them in your placeholder manager under "Contact information".

Please note:

Vary the size of your QR codes by choosing between the following height and width variants (using the example of the QR code for personal registration on the event website):

[[images.registerQr width=1,height=1]]
[[images.registerQr width=3,height=3]]
[[images.registerQr width=5,height=5]]

How do I create a personalized file?9

In addition to the above-mentioned dimensions, you can also choose your own sizes (e.g. width=4,height=4).