Activate the decline form

You would like to offer your participants the possibility to answer one or more questions during the deregistration? With evenito, you can individually define whether and which questions your participants should answer when they decline.

Private or public event

How you can use the decline form for your event depends on whether it is a private or public event:

  • In the case of a private event that requires the entry of a token, the decline button is also displayed next to the registration button. Here, the participants can fill out the decline form directly.
  • For an event where the registration form is publicly accessible on your website, the decline button is not available in the first step.
    Here, the decline button and thus the decline form are only available if a participant has registered and wishes to decline at a later time.

Further Information

In case of a public event, only the submit/registration button appears for interested participants. The logic is that an interested participant who only clicks on the link to receive further information about a publicly accessible event, but then does not want to participate in the event, will not enter the personal data in the registration form and then click on "Decline". In other words, only a participant who is really interested in the event will click on "Submit/Register" and enter his or her data.

  • In the case of a public event where the switch behind "Allow token input" has also been activated, participants who already have a token can access the decline form directly.

Please note:

If a participant has initially registered for an event and subsequently deregisters via the decline form, the responses from the registration form are no longer available in the contact details. However, the participant's group assignment, which was created by responses in the registration form, remains valid.

Create your decline form

In order to be able to define the individual decline form for your participants, you must first select the switch behind the function "Enable decline form". Click on the cogwheel to access the settings for the registration form.

Activate the decline form1

The processing area "Decline form" will then be activated. To set up the decline form to request contact information and possible additional questions for the participants, proceed as described for your registration form. You can find more information in this article.

The configuration of the decline form can be done independently of the information on the registration form. This means, for example, that you do not have to enter all the contact information that you previously requested in your registration form. There is even the option to define new contact fields - however, these must first be created as described in this article.

In addition, you have the possibility to ask your participants new additional questions or to reuse additional questions that have already been created.

Please note:

Additional questions that you have already entered in your registration form can also be used for your deceline form.

To reuse a question, click on "Add item" and then select the question that has already been set up.

If you want to set up your decline form in a group-specific way, proceed as described in this article.

Please note:

Please note the multilingual symbol on the left next to "Save changes" and save the respective translations for your defined questions, answers and description texts. To do this, click on the language switcher.

Display and application on the event website

Activate the decline form2

After you have deposited the registration form on your event website as described in this article and published it, the welcome box or the registration form will be displayed. If you click on the "Decline" button here, the decline form opens.

If the participant confirms the completed form with the "Deceline" button, he/she deregisters from this event. If the participant has also registered one or more accompanying persons, he/she can deregister them directly by clicking on the button "De-register my companion(s) too". 

Please note:

The name of the "Decline" button can be adjusted in the "Personal information" area or directly in the "Decline form". The stored name is always automatically adopted for both buttons. 

The button "De-register my companion(s) too" cannot be renamed. 


Please note:

If you would like your guest to also receive an decline confirmation by e-mail, please proceed as described in this article.