Set Up Ticketing and free registrations in one event

You would like to enable free registration for certain groups of people at your event in addition to ticket purchases? Then please proceed as described in this article.

Create a private event

As only a certain group of people should receive free access to your event, whereas all other contacts must go through the ticket shop, you must declare your event as "private" in this set-up. This will prevent other contacts or contacts unknown to you from being able to register for your event free of charge.


To do this, please activate the "Activate provate event" switch in the settings of your registration form in the "Registration" menu item as described in this article

Create a second event website

As you want to manage two groups of people (ticket buyers and free registrations) in one event, you need two different event websites. 

  • One for your ticket buyers, on which you activate the "Tickets" button in the "Registration" module, as described in this section of the ticketing set-up article.
  • The other for all free registrations that you want to route past the ticket shop - and lead directly to the registration form.

To do this, first create an event website as described in this article and make sure that this page is provided with the "default" tag, which you can also define later in the website settings.


You can then save the website you have created as a template and simply create the second website from this template.

If you want to display different content, you can simply edit the second event website according to your wishes. Alternatively, you can also create a second, completely new website, independent of your first website. 

Create group token

As your event is declared as "private", you need a group token for all persons not personally invited by you, i.e. your ticket buyers in this set-up.

Create a group token in the "Contacts" menu item as described in this article. Please make sure to link this to your defined "fallback group", which you can name as you wish (e.g. ticket buyers).


Your (unknown) participants can then open the "Registration" module on the event website, buy their tickets, fill in the registration form and are then added to the defined fallback group.

You can now either send all relevant participants the link to your event website with an active ticket shop and also communicate the group token you have defined to them, which they can enter in the token input box to open the ticket shop and registration form.

Alternatively, you can also integrate the group token directly into the link you want to send, as described in this section of the article on group tokens.

Please note:

If you do not invite your free participants in a personalised way via evenito message or personal postal invitation via the evenito lettershop, please also create corresponding group tokens for these people. 

Proceed as described above and make sure to use the link of your second event website without an active ticket shop when communicating.

Set up messages

As your ticket purchases/registrations run via (at least) two different event websites, you must make sure that you provide your various messages with the correct links in each case. 

Ticket buyer

All ticket purchasers will automatically receive the "ticket purchase confirmation" you have set up to the email address provided when purchasing the ticket.

As described in detail in this article, we recommend that you link to the registration form again in this email in case a ticket buyer has not completed it immediately after purchasing their ticket. 


Set up the ticket purchase and registration confirmation for your ticket buyers as described in the set-up article.

As the ticket shop is located on the "standard" website you have labelled, you can use the [[event.register]] placeholder in these messages.

Alternatively, you can also compile the link, including the placeholder for the personal token, as described here.

If you also want to link to the personal registration mask of a contact in other messages, please also store the placeholder/link accordingly in all these messages. 

Free participants

If you want to invite the people who should have free access to your event in a personalised way from the tool or also give them access to their personal registration form again in a registration or cancellation confirmation, please make sure that you do not enter the placeholder here, but the advertised link to your second website without a ticket shop, including the placeholder for the personal token as described in this section of the placeholder article.

This way, you can guide your free participants past the ticket shop and still give them the opportunity to access their personal registration form at any time. 

Simple example of the message overview

If you have an open ticket shop, which you simply communicate externally from evenito via a link, including a group token, your ticket buyers do not need an invitation via evenito.

Your free participants, who should not register for the event via a group token but in a personalised way, will be personally invited by you via an evenito message.

In the following example, the "Standard" group is the fallback group defined in the event, i.e. the group for ticket buyers to which you have also linked the group token in advance, as described above in the article.

The "Partners" and "Sponsors" groups are the free participants who are to be directed past the ticket shop to the second event website.

They receive different content and information in their invitations, but both register via the same event website (if necessary via group-specific registration forms) and receive the same registration confirmation after successful registration.


All messages in which neither different content nor different links are played out to the different groups can be sent to all corresponding groups as usual (e.g. "Check-In data | QR code" or "Thank you for coming", etc.).

Please note:

If you have activated companion management for your ticket buyers and/or your free registrations and would like the companions to also receive an automated registration confirmation, please create the corresponding message(s) for them and select the message type "Companion registration confirmation" in the dropdown as described in this section of the set-up article.