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Create an event out of an event template or by copying an existing event

To create a new event, you can simply copy an existing event from your organisation. All settings, texts and layouts of the past or future event will be adopted.

Create event out of a template

You want to create an event based on a template? Click on the plus button on the right side of the dashboard. For users with the global role "Event Manager", a new window will open where you can enter the needed information. As an "administrator", select the option "create from a template" as an intermediate step. 

First select the desired event template under "Create from a template". As an event manager, you can only use the templates that have been assigned to your team(s). As an administrator you can choose from all templates.

Then enter the title of your event under "Name" and the event date under "Start". 

Define your team(s) that you want to have access to this event. As described above, as an event manager you will only have access to the team(s) you have been assigned to, while administrators can view all teams.

Copy event

To copy an existing event, hover the mouse cursor over an event in the event list in the dashboard and click on this icon "Symbol"


Type the new event name in the pop up window and click "Copy". The new event is now visible in the dashboard directly below the original event.

Depending on the size of the event to be copied, it may take up to a few minutes for the copying process to be completed.


Please note:

When copying existing events, the following functions will not be transferred and have to be submitted again:

Please note further:

  • Files that were uploaded in the file manager (pictures, documents, etc.) still have the paths to the event that was copied. These documents must be uploaded again and exchanged at the appropriate places. This applies e.g. to your website, your speakers and the virtual platform.
  • Links in your e-mail communication to the registration form on your website must be stored again, as a URL can only be used once per event.
  • If these change per event, the sender name and the sender address also have to be adjusted in the e-mail settings. Please note that the e-mail domain (the part after the @ sign) must be verified if it doesn't match with the e-mail of the copied event. 


Want to create an event from scratch? In the article "Create event" we will show you how to do so. 

Please note: 

What is the difference between copying an existing event and creating a new event based on an event template?

Events that you have converted to a template have been "preserved" with this state. This means that this event template remained unaffected by all subsequent adjustments within the original event from which the template was generated. 

If you copy this original event, all adjustments that you made during the event phase will also be adopted.

Edit event

Here is a summary of the most important information and necessary adjustments to your copied event:


Event Centre -> Basic setup

Add the new event description here, adjust the start and end dates and select the desired language(s) for your event. On the right side you can adjust the available "Features" for your event.



Your event is taking place at a different location? Change it in the menu item "Location", add new locations and determine your main venue.



Here you can add the new schedule items to the event. This will be copied and needs to be manually adjusted by you. 



All information on contacts (e.g. event related questions in the registration form), groups and and deposited personalized files are also copied. Add the new participants here. Also adjust your speakers in this menu item. 


Registration form

Check the registration form and adjust it if necessary. 



After you have adjusted all the settings, you can check on the event website if all content is up to date and fits to the new event.



Adapt your communication for the new event, e.g. by adjusting the content of your messages.


Virtual Platform

Submit the new event name and subtitle as well as the description. Select a new logo and header image if necessary and define whether the functions "Speakers" and "Chat" should be activated. You can also change the colour scheme via the cogwheel.



The existing streams are copied and connected to the initial schedule point. In case of a schedule change, you have to connect them with your new agenda. You can find more on the distinction of the streams in this article.