Assign a global role to your users

evenito offers you various possibilities to define and restrict the rights of your users. In addition to the teams, you can also use the global roles.

The global roles

To view the roles, click on the cogwheel at the top right of your user profile and select the tab "Roles" in the dropdown under "Users, Teams and Roles".

Please note:

Currently you can choose between the roles "Space Administrator", "Event Manager", "Supporter", "Host", "Subhost" or "Check in App".

Space Administrator

As the space administrator of your organisation, you have sovereign rights over it. Which access rights are hidden behind this, is explained in more detail below:

You are able to manage and view the following categories:

Event Manager

In summary, event managers have the right to manage events. In the organisation, they can only view the settings and content, but can not change them.


The supporter role is an intermediate role between the administrator and the event manager. Basically, it has exactly the same rights as the event manager - with one exception: the supporter can also view the events of all teams in the dashboard.

Please note:

In order for event managerssupporters or check-in app users to be able to see the events, they must be added to one (or more) teams. In this article we show you how to create teams and add users. Administrators cannot be added to a team because they can see all events anyway.

Due to the different access rights, the global role "Administrator" can also view all events on the dashboard, regardless of team affiliation. An "Event Manager" can only view the events of his/her team(s). 

In addition, the right to create events from scratch is reserved for the admin. Event managers and supporters can only create events from templates or copy existing events.

Furthermore, only admins can create templates. 

Check in App

Users who are assigned this role can only manage the data within the check-in app. They do not receive access authorisation to the evenito back office. You also have the option of creating a user and using this on several end devices that are equipped with the check-in app.

Please note:

This role cannot be used for the check-in function in the evenito back office.


This role (also called contingent manager) is used in the course of the "Hospitality" function. A user who is assigned to this role can book and manage ticket contingents as well as add and manage participants in the events assigned to them. 

This role can' t see the individual tabs in the organisation settings or the navigation points within the individual events.


This role is used in the course of the "Hospitality" function. Users with this role can manage ticket contingents and participants in the events assigned to them. 

Analogous to the host role, the subhost can also not access the individual tabs in the organisation or view the navigation points within the individual events.

Add a global role to your user

To assign or edit a role for a new or existing user, please follow the steps below:

Follow the description in the article Create and delete new users to add a new user to your organisation. Select one of the existing roles in the dropdown under "Role" in the mask:

Assign a global role to your users1

For an existing user, select the desired user in the "User" tab under "Users, Teams & Roles" by hovering over it. Then click on the editing pencil on the right-hand side so that the user profile opens. Now you can select the desired role in the dropdown and apply your changes by clicking on "Save changes".

Please note:

You only need to assign the role "Administrator" to one user with admin rights. The role "Event Manager" does not have to be selected additionally.

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